Tuesday, 22 September 2009


There was a good turnout for Mary's funeral. Her cousin and family were there, people she had known from the church, people she had taught in her younger days, neighbours from Southernness and others who had contact through her enthusiasm for all aspects of dog training. Elizabeth Cochrane represented the Scottish Club along with Rooskie(from what I hear he was a huge hit....Mary would have been proud).

Mary attended Glasgow University in her early days along with the likes of Donald Dewar, John Smith and Menzies Campbell, she had a strong interest in Politics like many other things.
She went on to teach History at a college in Dundee and then moved to the south of Scotland to teach at another college, where she later became Head Librarian.

She found inspiration for her books from walking her two Papillons along the Solway Firth(this was before Rooskie). Mary was a very private and independent person and when talking to her she never talked about herself, it was always the dogs that were her main interest.
She travelled everywhere to the competitions by train, carting her props, clothes and Rooskie, sometimes changing trains 2 or 3 times and experienced trouble with taxi drivers who would not take Rooskie.

Rooskie has now been retired and placed in a loving home through the efforts of Elizabeth and he is settling in well.Mary's lawyer has arranged for her website and videos on Utube to remain accessible to everyone, the link below is for the website.
Mary will be missed by many, she was an inspiration to us all in one way or another.