Saturday, 24 December 2011


Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a lovely time and you get all that you wish for.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

LKA 11/12/11

Judge: Mrs R Brady
BCC ROZAMIE FLEUR DE LYS(Magri & Arrowsmith)
Class 1542 MPD
(14 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 6443 CLINT Miss J Papplewick Preacher Man
2nd: 6515 MANN, Mrs M & MANN Miss B & J Mystic Spark Melangel
3rd: 6432 BRUCE, Mrs Q A V & BRUCE-JACKSON Mrs A J Tijuana I'm Harry
Res: 6472 FINLAYSON Mrs J Petitchien's Chocolate Moon
VHC: 6449COOPER Mr & Mrs J M Ancojo Fire Crest
Class 1543 PD (9 Entries)
Abs: 1
1st: 6468 FARRELL Ms K Spinillons Simply Sinful
2nd: 6560SCOVELL Mrs J Frasermar Explosion at Caswell
3rd: 6474 FISHER Mr M & Mrs M Ellmara Forever True
Res: 6521 MILLER Miss K F Feorlig Klever Kloggs
VHC: 6584 WHITEHILL Mrs M Tricianbri Dawn Feature
Class 1544
JD (8 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 6463 DEAMER Mrs S Bankshill Mark My Word
2nd: 6433 BURNS Mrs D Petitchien's Jake Moon
3rd: 6475 FISHER Mr M& Mrs M Ellmara Elektrik Touch
Res: 6428 BORG, Mrs A & BORG Ms E Elendil Lord Of The March
VHC: 6540 NASH Mrs J Ookiimimi Dapper Dancer
Class 1545 YD (8 Entries) Abs: 4
1st: 6565 STANBURY, Mrs S & UNWIN Miss M Inixia Call Me Freddie
2nd: 6522 MILLER Miss K F Feorlig Hugo Boss For Rozamie
3rd: 6524 MILROY Mrs K Rozamie Rupert From Farthinghall
Class 1546 PGD (19 Entries) Abs:3
1st: 6516 MANN, Mrs M & MANN Miss B & J Melangel Pied Piper
2nd: 6434 BURNS Mrs D Elendil Classic Endeavour
3rd: 6444 COLYER Mrs S Temelora Sun Shadow over Shirando
Res: 6466 EDSON Mr J A & Mrs J E Rozamie Myths 'N' Majic To Novastar
VHC: 6492 GRIFFITHS, Dr E A & GRIFFITHS Dr M L L Manawyddan Monet
Class 1547 LD (17 Entries) Abs:3
1st: 6512 MAGRI, Mr J A & ARROWSMITH Mr K N Rozamie Remarkable
2nd: 6590 WOODROW Mrs L A Ablazzor Fly First Class to Lynflyer JWSh.CM
3rd: 6466 EDSON Mr J A & Mrs J E Rozamie Myths 'N' Majic To Novastar
Res: 6557 ROBERTS, Mrs E & SMITH Miss C Ringlands Spirit LevelTo Rayol
VHC: 6424 ATKINS Mr M & Mrs A Papplewick Pinball Wizard To Vlinder
Class 1548 OD (15 Entries) Abs: 2
1st: 6585 WHITEHILL Mrs M Amicae Star Gazer For Temelora
2nd: 6513 MAGRI, Mr J A & ARROWSMITH Mr K N Ch Rozamie Moulin Rouge
3rd: 6571 STEWART, Mrs K & STEWART-KNIGHT Miss K Ch & Fin Ch Siljans Ragge Jr Connection At Tussalud
Res: 6447COMRIE-BRYANT Mr & Mrs M Eng Ch Frasermar Hurricane
VHC: 6582 WESTON Mrs & Miss A Ch Powdermill Touch The Stars
Class 1549 VD (3 Entries)Abs: 0
1st: 6469 FARRELL Ms K Bluejays Shadow Warrior
2nd: 6480FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A Sharjoy Regency Buck
3rd: 6580 VERITY, Miss H & MOOR Mr I Macstrak Minuet JW Sh.CM
Class 1550 GCD (7 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 6459 DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J Spinillons Rebel Rowser JW
2nd: 6539 MOSS Miss M J Lafford Lord Snooty of Delphlands
3rd: 6470 FERGUSSON Ms V Amicae Quantum Leap to Contecrest
Res:6490 GREEN Mrs J L Bountyful Delight for Rubywings
VHC: 6589 WILKINSON Mrs S M Jadelands Summertime Secret In Poppywood
Class 1551 MPB (17 Entries)Abs: 3
1st: 6505 JOHNSTON Mrs R E Petitchien's Sahara Moon Over DourhuNAF TAF
2nd: 6495 HANSON Ms J I Bonnie Ticklemouse at Basilbrooke
3rd:6441 CATON Mr J & Mrs S Henrix Marshmallow Kiss
Res: 6491 GREEN Mrs J L Mercedes Diamond at Rubywings
VHC: 6448 COMRIE-BRYANT Mr & Mrs M Frasermar Vanity Fair
Class 1552 PB (7 Entries) Abs: 1
1st:6573 TIDMARSH Mrs K A Creliatown Little Beauty
2nd: 6545 OLDING, Dr R B & MUNROE Mr J P Papplewick Prelude To A Kiss
3rd: 6532 MORRELL, Mrs S & TEAGUE Mrs T Temelora Alicia
Res: 6493 GRIFFITHS, Dr E A & GRIFFITHS Dr ML LerumenMountainCariadAtManawyddan
VHC: 6574 TIDMARSH Mrs K A Creliatown Trailing Queen
Class 1553 JB (9 Entries) Abs: 3
1st:6508 KIRK Mrs E Ablazzor Wild Child At Kirkchase
2nd: 6578 URWIN Mr T B & Mrs P M Paparottsie Geordie Diva
3rd: 6503 JOHNSTON Mrs R E Dourhu Ding Dong
Res: 6547 ORCHARD Miss S Panspayon To Dream Of Genie
VHC: 6529 MOIR,Mrs J & MOIR Misses L & S Rozamie Daysha TAF
Class 1554 YB (8Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 6437 BUSS, Miss E & BUSS Mrs M Twiggy Cupcake Of Flutura JW
2nd: 6504 JOHNSTON Mrs R E Dourhu Looks Like An Angel
3rd: 6548ORCHARD Miss S Panspayon Ur My Lucky Charm
Res: 6538 MORTON Mrs L Ablazzor Wild At Heart
VHC: 6553 PORTER Mrs J V Resolutebay Electra
Class1555 PGB (9 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: 6482 FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A Lafay Wota Star
2nd: 6489 GORNALL Mrs D J Tinklebury Hurtle Myrtle
3rd:6453 COUGHLAN Mr & Mrs P C Temelora Gathering Dreams For Paupad
Res: 6496HANSON Ms J I Shadow Huntress At Basilbrooke
VHC: 6485 GEARY Mrs G A Taliesyn White Bryony
Class 1556 LB (13 Entries) Abs: 3
1st: 6514 MAGRI,Mr J A & ARROWSMITH Mr K N Rozamie Fleur De Lys
2nd: 6460 DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J Spinillons Annabelle
3rd: 6586 WHITEHILL Mrs M Rozamie Reply To Amicae
Res: 6558 ROBINS Mr & Mrs J. A Jaroma Lady Josephine
VHC: 6507JOYCE Mrs J Calajoy Could She Be Magic
Class 1557 OB (11 Entries) Abs:2
1st: 6451 COOPER Mr & Mrs J M Ancojo Midnight Madness
2nd: 6572STEWART, Mrs K & STEWART-KNIGHT Miss K Ch Denemore Story's Echo At
3rd: 6509 LANGDON Miss S C Kingshaven Zza Zza Of Skyvana
Res:6561 SHIRLEY Mr P C Call Me Madam Barleybright
VHC: 6564 SMITH Mrs K M Ch Papplewick Pretty In Pink at Adinaken JW Sh.CM
Class 1558 VB (3Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 6535 MORRELL, Mrs S & TEAGUE Mrs T Ch Serenglade Satanya For Temelora
2nd: 6483 FOYNES, Mr A J & MAY Mrs C A Lafay Heather Bloom
3rd: 6541 NASH Mrs J Havenbar Minniemouse
Class 1559 GCB (4 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: 6461 DAVIDSON-POSTON Mrs J Spinillons Isadora JW
2nd: 6437 BUSS, Miss E & BUSS Mrs M Twiggy Cupcake Of Flutura JW
3rd: 6536 MORRELL, Mrs S & TEAGUE Mrs T Temelora Forever Nicholina
Res: 6455 COUGHLAN Mr & Mrs P C Paupad Floral Dynasty

Monday, 5 December 2011


Veteran Dog or Bitch---(4, 2abs)
Wilson’s Adinaken Wendy’s Whizz. 10 years, dog: full of bounce: good overall balance; good stop on well proportioned head; full ear fringing and long plume on well arched tail set on well; correct hare feet;level topline and active, straight movement.

Smith’s Adinaken Haughton’s Heather 10 years, bitch, litter sister to Whizz; plainer head and shorter body coat than 1. Level topline and active straight movement. Another lively veteran.

M.P.D. (2)
Finlayson’s Petitchien’s Chocolate Moon. 7 months, tri; lovely earset and tailset ; good angulation, good straight movement keeping level topline at all times. Promising puppy.

Dunn’s Archie Boy Walk With Angels 7 months, r/s/w good earset , dark eye; correct silky coat coming. Movement rather erratic as yet.

P.D. (3, 1abs.)
Whitehill’s Tutyak High Flyer. 9 months, b/w, lovely dainty boy of excellent balance, well proportioned, fine head, good earset, correct dark eye and well set, highly arched tail;straight, light movement and level topline at all times.

Archie Boy Walk With Angels.

J.D. (2,1 abs)
Deamer’s Bankshill Mark My Word. 16 months. R/s/w alert,lively dog of good balance and beautiful single,silky coat; round topped ears but set rather high; well set tail with high arch over body; level topline; good hind movement.

Davidson’s Elmaraine Just For Starters 3 years, r/w; good earset and well set, dark eyes; level topline; movement ok.

Maiden Dog (2)
Adam’s Caraideas Rhapsody. 14 months, b/w with single silky coat at correct stage for age;large ears, correct bite, high tailset; steady, straight movement keeping level topline.

Davidson’s Elmaraine Just For Starters.

N.D. (2, 1 abs)
Whitehill’s Tricianbri Dawn Feature. 9 months; dainty little b/w dog of lovely shape and fine head with large well set ears; good tailset, level topline; movement ok.

P.G.D. (5, 1 abs.)
Reid’s Pamhurst Rainman . 2 years, b/w; dainty little dog with lovely, single, silky coat and long tail plume; well proportioned head with deep stop and well set, well fringed ears; movement straight; topline ok.

Patrick’s Volpecula Emerald. 20 months; tri.; heavier boned than 1. but well balanced with head of good proportions; high tailset; straight movement and level topline.

Ness and Byer’s Chappell Love Bug At Aporia.

L.D. (7, 1 abs.)
Anderson’s Northlyte Timeless Dream. 2 years; bright tri.; very alert and attentive to handler; abundant, silky, flat coat in beautiful condition; ample neck, although his plentiful ruff masks this; well proportioned head with good stop and well set, round topped ears; tail set on high and well arched over his body; correct hare feet; moved straight and with drive, keeping level topline at all times. R.B.D.

Skelton’s Adnamashan Time After Time. 4 years; r/s/w; beautifully balanced, medium sized, fine boned dog; lovely head with even markings giving a very soft expression.; large, well set, well fringed ears; flat, silky coat with long tail plume highly arched over his back; level topline and straight movement; not so attentive as 1.

Nolan’s Abbeyton Here We Go Again At Loreburn

Open Dog (7, 2 abs.)
Joyce’s Ch. Calajoy Robbie McFluff. 6 years; b/w; beautifully balanced with fine bone and although of larger size, there is no hint of coarseness; correct, well marked head with dark eye and large, flared, heavily fringed ears giving a very alert, attractive expression; high tailset with long tail, complete with long plume highly arched over his body; excellent, free, straight, unexaggerated movement, keeping a level topline both moving and standing; in great condition and well worthy of B.I.S.

Cochrane’s Tutyak Climate Control. 4 years; tri.; another well balanced dog with good length of neck, correct head with soft expression; large, well fringed ears and long tail, with long plume, highly arched over his body; straight movement and level topline.

Skelton’s Adnamashan One in A Million. 

M.P.B. (4, 1 abs.)
Finlayson’s Amicae So Sweet. 6 months; tri; lovely head with correct earset and well set, dark eye; high tail set; coat as to be expected at this age; movement straight but she is still a little apprehensive; level topline.

Whitehill’s Skyvana Luv You To Bits. 8 months; tri.; dainty little bitch with correctly shaped and placed dark eye; straight movement with level topline; just preferred the tailset of 1.

Johnston’s Petitchien Sahara Moon Over Dourhu.

P.B. (1)
Whitehill’s Amicae Sweet Sensation. 6 months; tri. Well grown puppy who likes her food! Still very immature but nevertheless has a beautiful, dark, well set eye, correct bite, high tailset; excellent straight movement and level topline.

J.B. (5, 1 abs.)
Johnston’s Dourhu Ding Dong. 15 months; tri; dainty little extrovert with correct eye and ear set and an extremely alert expression;highly arched, well set on tail; when settled her movement is straight and topline level.

Deamer’s Bankshill Wee Cracker. 15 months; another dainty little bitch with lovely head and high set tail, giving a good, balanced outline; level topline but preferred the hind movement of 1.

Cochrane’s Tutyak Fantasy. 9 months; l/s/w; very mature youngster with lovely single, silky coat, correctly set ears and dark eyes; moved straight with drive keeping a level topline; in great condition. B.B.P. and B.P.I.S. 

M. B. (2, 1 abs.)
Johnston’s Petitchien Sahara Moon Over Dourhu. 6 months; bright tri; still at leggy stage; rounded well set ears; dark eye correctly shaped and set; high tailset; coat correct for this age.

N. B. ((2)
Johnston’s Petitchien Sahara Moon Over Dourhu.

Nolan’s Abbeyton Hot In The City. 18 months; b/w; what a shame this lovely bitch lost her confidence; lovely outline with good head, large, well placed, well fringed ears, plentiful single, silky coat and high set, well plumed tail; level topline and straight movement. 

P. G. B. (3, 1 abs.)
Skelton’s Papplewick Pied Wagtail Over Adnamashan. 2 years; b/w; dainty bitch who used her large, well fringed ears to give a sweet, alert expression; well set, arched tail; in good coat; straight movement and level topline.

Reed’s Grindsdale Rose Bud. 2 years; r/s/w; correct head; large well fringed ears; good high tailset; lovely single silky coat; preferred the topline of 1.

L. B. (5)
Joyce’s Calajoy Could She Be Magic. 4 years; r/w; exquisite, alert, little bitch presenting a most balanced outline with her large, well set, well fringed ears, elegant neck and highly arched, well set on tail giving a lovely outline; single silky coat in superb condition; very animated but when settled her movement was straight, keeping a level topline at all times. RBB.

Whitehill’s Rozamie Reply To Amicae. 23 months ; b/w; very elegant; slightly bigger than 1.well proportioned head; good high tailset; movement straight and topline level.

Anderson’s Northlyte Pandora.

O. B. ((5)
Smith’s Ch. Papplewick Pretty In Pink At Adinaken. 2 years; r/s/w; could not fault this little bitch today; beautiful, well marked head with soft expression, good stop and huge, flared, heavily fringed ears and lovely dark eye; highly arched, well plumed tail set on high; hare feet; steady as a rock in her straight, unexaggerated, straight movement, level topline both standing and moving; in excellent condition. BB and RBIS.

Anderson’s Am. Ch. Clearlake Clovis. 22 months; tri; another beautiful bitch with superb fringing on large, well set ears, correct dark eye and alert, attentive expression; single, silky coat and long, well set tail with long plume; flawless, flowing movement and level topline; unlucky to meet 1 in top form today.

Joyce’s Ch. Calajoy Silver Lining 

Sp. B/W or Tri. D. or B. (4, 1 abs.)
Johnston’s Dourhu Looks Like An Angel. 22 months; b/w ; alert, fine boned bitch with well set ears, high tailset; single silky coat; good angulation; moved true with level topline.

Caraideas Rhapsody.

Adinaken Wendy’s Whizz. 

Sp. R/W, L/W or S/W. Dog or Bitch (4, 1 abs.)
Savage’s Abbeyton Fire Dancer. 3 years; very clear r/w phalene bitch; well marked head giving the softest of expressions; correct head proportions; hare feet; well set tail; level topline.

Smith’s Wee Angus Of Adinaken. 5 years; r/w dog; large, well fringed ears, high set tail, with long plume, well arched over body; straight movement and level topline.; not such a soft expression as 1.

Elmaraine Just For Starters.

Anne Macgregor (judge)